Training & Development

We built Afras based on a conviction that we would not enjoy success unless we invested in our employees; in fact our principle for Afras workers is Learn before you do.Meanwhile we urge our supervision team to Know before you supervise.

The importance of developing our people is paramount, and setting up our own training center in 1998 was a logical way to turn these fine words into action!

Our centre allows our administrative and technical teams to take part in our own training programmes, which build their abilities, and qualify them to take up their positions and provide professional services to our various clients.

Our training programmes include

  • Orientation
  • Technical Skills for Beginners
  • Technical Skills Development
  • Safety
  • Supervision Development

We’ve also organised several management development programmes for both our own and clients’ staff, in some cases calling upon the skills of specialist external trainers.

To find out more about training in partnership with Afras in Saudi Arabia , or for any other enquiries relating to staff training and development, please contact our Training Management department: