Human resources

Human resources

Afras always strives to provide excellent services to all our clients, and that means not only keeping quality standards high, but also fostering enthusiasm and commitment among our staff. That’s why we always take great care to employ qualified and experienced people who will help us realise the Afras vision, and who will become an asset to our clients’ organisations.

Staff are screened by a panel of human resources professionals, who test candidates to select the best people for the job. Our HR staff also manage employee services like medical insurance and accommodation.

At Afras, we’re working hard to help raise the level of Saudi employment in the Kingdom in line with Government policy, by attracting, training and employing Saudi youth wherever we can. We want to develop their skills, and by doing so also make our own organisation stronger for the future.

Afras have so many agreements with the Human Resources Development Fund to employ more than 3,000 Saudis within our various business divisions throughout the Kingdom.

We also want to seal more agreements with the Fund, so more young Saudi people can be trained for Afras management, administration, supervision, security, operation and maintenance, and cleaning roles.

Our workforce now stands at an impressive 13,500 people – and we’re proud to be able to increase this number rapidly should the needs of a particular project demand it.

If you have a project within Saudi Arabia requiring specialist manpower, or perhaps extra staff at short notice, please contact us for an initial, no-obligation discussion about your requirements.